Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Pivotal Moment For Free Speech in Canada

Free Speech is under threat in Canada. By the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) no less! They're contending that Canadian writer, Mark Steyn, had no right to say what he did in Maclean's magazine. If you haven't heard about this yet it's no big surprise, for the Canadian media, especially the liberal media, are deathfully afraid of being politically incorrect. So they've imposed a tragic silence on several controversial issues for many years now.

The CIC isn't suing Steyn in a court of law. Instead, they're petitioning a series of "Human Rights Commissions" to try to silence Steyn. These pseudo-judicial bodies are nothing more than kangaroo courts but they're easy targets for manipulation. Should the CIC be successful with even one of their petitions, then we will definitively know that free speech in Canada is clearly a distant memory.

Thankfully some more enlightened Muslims are speaking out against the CIC's actions. They include Ali Eteraz and Tarek Fatah & Farzana Hassan.

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