Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Little Political Incorrectness

I deeply appreciate the National Post recently publishing assorted excerpts from Mark Steyn's new book, "America Alone". Though many Canadians will undoubtedly close their minds to what he has to say, it's important that they listen. For history has repeatedly shown us that any nation that is not willing to stand up and defend its values will most surely lose them.

There's an old joke: "How do you tell an American from a Canadian? Answer: The Canadian apologizes when HIS own foot is stepped on." Perhaps it's long overdue for us to stop apologizing for our traditions, our beliefs, and our values? Note to the new Liberal leader: You don't need a focus group to answer this question.

These are very serious times for the world, possibly similar in nature to what our ancestors faced 70 years ago. 1936 - 39 wasn't a very long period of time but look at how quickly things changed in those 3 years. Today though, the rampant political correctness that has successfully wrestled free speech to the ground has made it nearly impossible for any serious debate (on any issue) to occur.

It seems nowadays that the intelligence and clarity of arguments don't matter so much as who uttered them. In some sort of guilt ridden attempt to rectify the wrongs of the past, more credence is given to:

  1. Non-males
  2. Non-Caucasians
  3. Non-heterosexuals
  4. Non-Christians
  5. Non-English speakers
In fact, the more hyphenated descriptors you can add before "Canadian", the better the chance you have of getting anything and everything you want!

Thus, for example, if you don't want Christmas carols sung at your kid's school, don't go directly to the principal. No, instead just find a transgendered, homosexual, atheist, welfare supported guardian of one of the other kids at the school; preferably one who only speaks some rare language found in Africa or Asia or Nunavut. Through their interpreter, encourage them to make liberal use of the following words at a press conference arranged by you: racist, sexist, prejudice, religious insensitivity, and of course the new catch-all get-whatever-you-want phrase "human rights violation".

The national media will be all over the story like seals offered a bucketful of fish. Within 24 hours a school board media relations person will be cowering on TV, apologizing profusely for the thoughtless atrocities of past Christmas carols at all schools throughout your community. They will mention that grief counselors had been sent to the school to help the children cope and that all staff and students will start sensitivity training after the Christmas ... errr Holiday Season.

In the past few decades many grievous wrongs of the past have been corrected. And the proverbial pendulum has swung to the center in terms of equality for all. In fact, one could well argue that it has swung beyond the center when it comes to affirmative action programs that deliberately exclude members of majority groups. In cities like mine we have countless groups of immigrants who generally get along in a harmonious way. That's wonderful and I support this "New Canada" wholeheartedly

But now what we're seeing is the drip-drip-drip of a small number of agenda-driven people who are deliberately trying to push the changes even further. Some are self-imposed permanent victims, others are just selfish and greedy. They would love nothing more than to see all Canadian traditions removed from our lives and replaced by some sort of faceless, humourless, soulless socialist society. Their weapons of choice are easy to spot: unprincipled politicians & judicial bodies and the all-to-willing media looking for the next controversy.

I sincerely believe that it's up to the likes of you & me to speak out against them lest we wake up one day in a country that is completely unrecognizable from that which exists today.

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nachtwache said...

yep, myself being a swiss-canadian female, have it a bit better, you're toast :) Lets hope the pendulum has swung far enough and it's soon heading back to some common sense. Harper at least has integrity and a backbone! He's a real leader. Lots of people I talk to think like you and I, but many can't be bothered with politics or speaking out.