Monday, November 06, 2006

Norman Spector Defends Himself

On CKNW this morning political commentator, Norman Spector, defended himself over last week's "Belinda Stronach is a Bitch" comment. Here are some key points he raised:

  • He was clearly referring to Belinda Stronach in particular, not all women in general.
  • In any dictionary the word "bitch" refers to a "treacherous, contemptible person".
  • His use of the word refers to Ms. Stronach having dinner with her lover, Peter MacKay, then heading over for dinner later with PM Paul Martin, and then heading back to MacKay to tell him that she was dumping him and leaving the Conservative Party. Spector posed the question: "If you knew someone who did this would you condone their behaviour?" (paraphrasing)
  • Yesterday CBC Radio 1 host, Shelagh Rogers, used the term "prick" to describe a man. This word is listed as "vulgar slang" in the dictionary; "bitch" is not by the way. Yet what outcry was there over Ms. Rogers' comment? Absolutely none so far.
  • He also asked his cohort, NDP supporter, Bill Tielman, what he thought about NDP MP, Dawn Black, and others demanding that Spector be kicked off the air?
I actually called up and asked about the U.S. Midterm elections. Quite boring compared to the discussion going on in Canada mais c'est la vie!

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