Friday, November 17, 2006

Media Bias Exemplified

Here's a 7-minute video that will clearly show any non-Canadians why so many of us are continually embarrassed by the complete lack of fairness (read "ethics") shown by so many CBC reporters and commentators:

The reporter, Christina Lawand, is an embarrassment to journalists everywhere. She clearly knew EXACTLY what she was doing by mixing Harper's response to one question with an unrelated comment from one of the protesters. She wasn't reporting the news, she was making an editorial comment that undoubtedly supported her own strong political bias. The only saving grace for her is that her "hit piece" will serve as a great video resume for when she applies as a spokesperson for the Liberals one day. Though she's likely holding out to be appointed to the Senate or maybe as the next Governor General!

P.S. Because of numerous complaints, the CBC offered "regret" over Lawand's unprofessional work - not an apology, just regret. It's a rare occasion when they do so so the number of complaints must have been voluminous.

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nachtwache said...

Wow, you sure are busy, no wonder I can barely keep up reading your newest posts. Thanks for the video clips, I forwarded them to our e-mail, a few people we know, should see that! All the best on your venture, yes, the right employees are very important! I work in a crown corp., where employment equity is important, but lots of "politics" happens, it's who you know, nepotism, transfers of problem staff, backstabbing, lots of incompetent people in management and the workforce, the union of course protects all the lazy workers, people abusing sick days etc., support causes outside of the workplace, that have nothing to do with work and even is against some employees convictions.
Being a boss, means having to make tough decisions, like firing someone.