Monday, August 23, 2010

Who is Daisy Khan?

"Interesting" woman. At one point she talks about tolerance and mutual respect. Then later she states that Americans objecting to the building of the mosque on the outer edge of Ground Zero is "beyond Islamophobia" and represents "hate of Muslims". That's sure an interesting version of "tolerance" for the opinion of others.

Even with Daisy Khan stating unequivocally that the vast majority of Americans are hatemongers, the U.S. State Department is paying for her to travel around the world talking with other Muslims about what life is like in America. I'm not kidding.

In another interview Daisy Khan said: "We want to build bridges. We don't want to create conflict." She has a very strange way of showing that.

The most comprehensive discussion on the story behind this entire story can be heard here. Just click on "Listen Here" and move the slider to 17:10. You'll hear John Batchelor interviewing Claudia Rosett.

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Anonymous said...

Is someone following these people around the world and monitoring what they are actually saying about living in America? Usually it's one thing to the infidels, and another to muslims.