Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Surprise Homecomings

Here's a beautiful & touching video showing American soldiers coming back to their families from overseas.  It is especially touching for me having recently read "Joker One", which talks in depth about an average American soldier's attempts to provide democracy & liberty to the people of Iraq ... even if said people weren't very appreciative of their efforts much of the time, at least in the early days.

Lest we forget, the brave men & women in the video are over there on behalf of us and need to be applauded and thanked for their selfless service on a regular basis!

P.S. I was recently in Butte, Montana and saw a young soldier gassing up his vehicle.  I went up to him and said these simple words: "Though I'm Canadian, I'd like you to thank you for your service."  He was most appreciative.

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