Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are We Now Finally Ready to Have the Talk About Assimilation?

Here's an interesting editorial by the lovely Laura Ingraham:

I have a slightly different take than her. I don't think the biggest challenge we North Americans face is from whiny or obstinate immigrants. Rather our greatest problem of all is the Politically Correct Radical Left who, for decades, have been telling immigrants:

  • You don't need to assimilate
  • You don't need to learn English (or French in Quebec)
  • You don't need adopt our values of decency and respect and law & order

I believe most immigrants have ignored such messages but too many have not. This is why we have freighters arriving off of B.C. with queue jumpers. This is why we have workers at Disneyland demanding that that they can wear costumes completely foreign to the Disneyland experience. This is why we have an obnoxious minority thinking it's perfectly okay to step on the graves of 9/11 victims.

Ingraham may very well be correct that a tipping point has been reached where average people are no longer going to be cowed into silence with phony charges of Racism/Bigotry/Hatred and instead are going to stand firm and say, "No, YOU are the insensitive one who is disrespecting me, my values, and the values this nation you now live in were founded upon!"

I certainly hope we've reached that point for it's the only way we have a shot at a harmonious future.

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