Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Paul Krugman: Fail

Barack Obama: Fail
Timothy Geithner: Fail
Gordon Brown: Fail
Keynesian Economics: Fail
Leftist Economic Policies the World Over: FAIL

Here is a brilliant and well researched article about Paul Krugman. I've long been suspicious about the intelligence of his views. He has been the Poster Boy for Leftist Economics for some time now. And finally, FINALLY all of his theories have been proven to be ABSOLUTE FAILURES!!!

Many comments were cited in the piece but my absolute favourite comes from a Leftist supporter of Krugman. It reads:

"Who is this Sean from Florida? He takes everything that [the] Professor [says] and shreds it, piece by piece. He shouldn't be allowed to post his comments on this blog since he seems to be winning all the debates. We progressives need to stick together and embellish our talking points without someone from the outside pointing out fallacies in our ideology."

Now, of course, this might have been written tongue-in-cheek. Either way, what has been clear for some time is that Leftist economic policies are complete nonsense. They're based entirely on Hope rather than Facts and Logic and Common Sense. Yet, once they're exposed as the failures they are, all Leftists want to do is shut up their critics rather than adjust their own thinking. But they never lose the audacity to keep calling themselves "Progressives". That's beyond sad.


Anonymous said...

How about Government : FAIL

Anonymous said...

Ironically, I just ran into a Krugman post not too long ago while seeking out his "facts have a well-known liberal bias" comment. Needless to say, I scoffed and was not impressed. I have been reading Ludwig von Mises' "Human Action," and really, REALLLY folks, Keynesianism is deader than disco. Once you go Austrian, you never go back.