Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Theory on Michael Enright's Attack of the NYC Muslim Cabbie

Catching up on John Batchelor podcasts this evening I heard something startling from Thursday night. Guest James Taranto, of the Wall Street Journal, suggested that Enright's attack may very well have been a "false flag" operation of his own making. In other words, the Depraved Leftist may have intended to slash the driver's throat, then escape, leaving the impression that a Conservative / Tea Party Member / Republican had done the dirty deed. He was caught though and so this has changed everything. You can listen to the entire segment here and decide for yourself.

A NY State blogger raises the same theory here.

Update: Let me be clear, I have no idea whether Taranto's theory is true.  Only time will tell.  SDA commenter ward provided a link to a fascinating Michelle Malkin piece on the same subject.

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