Saturday, November 21, 2009

The University of East Anglia Embarrassment - What Happens Now?

Regular commenter on SDA, "EBD", has a very interesting & detailed analysis of the after effects of the leaked Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) documents:

I agree with Joe, Robert. In the short term, at least, this is just a minor flesh-wound to the AGW promoters. Before people get too excited the key point we need to remind ourselves that belief in AGW has always been an act of self-righteousness and faith based on radical, secular/gaia views; it was *never based on science* in the first place. The AGW agenda is about a political perspective pertaining to anti-capitalism and wealth redistribution, and the mountain of evidence against AGW hasn't changed that.

It's always been about politics, not science. The mainstream media have been propagandizing for years now that AGW is a *fact*. For years now they've been teaching in schools that AGW is a fact, despite all the evidence to the contrary. So, again, is one more piece of evidence really going to reverse all that?
Watch the media in the weeks to come: if the CBC, for example, covers it at all - or MSNBC or CBS, etc. - they'll frame it as a minor bit of intrigue, they'll question the provenance of the leaked emails, and, especially, they'll trot out pro-AGW spokepeople who say the emails don't change the fact that *AGW is real.* They'll show calving glaciers, refer to the thinning arctic ice, etc etc etc.

The Global Warming Liars managed to get people concerned about AGW, and mega-millions spent on carbon sequestration and wind power, etc., by *not* mentioning the questionable science behind AGW, and by fastidiously avoiding the mention of the thousands of scientists who dispute the theory; they haven't acknowledged the numerous holes in the theory, including the lack of catastrophic events during the Medieval Warm Period. In short, AGW promoters have never been interested in the TRUTH, and in fact, as the emails show, they have an interest - a pecuniary interest - in repressing the truth. So while I agree that the emails might damage their cause in the short term, it's going to take years for this to play out. It's *far* from over.
You can count on the following: The World Government types in the EU aren't going to throw up their hands and go home; The AGW activists aren't going to change their dire warnings; The media aren't going to shut up about AGW; Al Gore and the eco-Moonies aren't going to come out this week and say "Whoops! Turns out we were wrong. Sorry about that!"

Let's talk in a couple of months and see if I'm wrong about that.

Posted by: EBD at November 21, 2009 11:35 PM

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