Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bill Good - CKNW's Disgrace!

The fellow who hosts the morning show weekdays on CKNW is a "journalist" by the name of Bill Good . This morning I was absolutely dumbfounded by what I heard on his program.  You can listen to it here beginning at 7:45.  He had on a fellow named Guy Dauncey. Mr. Dauncey is a militant pro Man Made Climate Change advocate who is now advocating that any commercials questioning the THEORY he believes in be banned.

Many callers challenged Bill Good on why he didn't balance the hour out with a guest on the other side of the debate, Good openly admitted that he and his producers have decided that "the science is in and the debate is closed". He added that in a similar way he doesn't have guests on who assert that the Earth is flat or that smoking isn't unhealthy. When Dauncey said that Christopher Monckton was a "nut", Good seemed to concur with him.  When Dauncey launched ad hominen attacks on outspoken individuals who disagree with him, insisting that they are being paid by "right wing think tanks" and the "oil industry", Good didn't challenge him whatsoever.

I'm incredulous because this past year so much evidence has come out showing that the Earth's average temperature has gone down over the past 10 years and that CO2 increases are merely a fraction of what the Gore & Suzuki crowd said they would be. Yet Bill Good doesn't want to hear any of this and is quite deliberately, we learned today, keeping this information away from his many listeners.

I wish that Roy Green or Charles Adler would invite Guy Dauncey on their shows and have an honest debate with someone like Tim Ball or Christopher Monckton.  Why do I suspect that the coward Dauncey will refuse such an invitation?

Furthermore, I wish that Tim Ball and Christopher Monckton and Ian Plimer would charge both Guy Dauncey and Bill Good with slander in a Canadian court.  I think they'd each have a very strong case!!!

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