Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Melanie Phillips Comments on the Insanity of the Modern Left

"We are gripped by a kind of madness in our society in which demonstrable facts and common sense are turned upside down in the service of an ideology - that is to say a governing idea to which all facts are wrenched to fit - even if it's demonstrably absurd.  And this ideology is that people who are members of ethnic minorities, who come from Third World countries, basically can do no wrong and that if we criticize them or if we hold them to account for terrible deeds that they do, we are guilty of racism - because we are The West.

In this mindset the Third World ethnic minorities, who are deemed to be oppressed, can do no wrong.  Or to be more precise, if they do wrong they must not be held responsible for that wrong.  While we in the white skinned capitalist dominant West must always be held responsible for everything that happens, even if we are the victims.

This is a kind of absolutely Alice Through the Looking Glass, upside down, Orwellian, Kafkaesque, mad world in which truth and lies have been turned inside out, right and wrong turned inside out, justice and injustice turned inside out."

-- Melanie Phillips on Charles Adler's show, November 11, 2009

You can listen to it here beginning at 6:00.

Here's her longer article on the same subject.

Where I do disagree with her is that I don't believe the primary battle is between Traditional Western Values and Radical Islam.  Rather it's a fight against the Ideology of the Radical Left, whose primary weapon is Political Correctness.

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