Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The "Science Is Settled" vs. "Climategate"

I just sent the following e-mail to CKNW's Bill Good:

Dear Bill,

In times past you've equated anyone who doesn't believe in man-made global warming to those who believe the Earth is flat.

While at the same time I have little doubt in the sincerity of your aforementioned belief, the massive "Climategate" scandal is exploding all around you.  Surely someone with your many years of journalistic experience would be at least a little curious of the facts being revealed?  In case you are indeed curious, here's a "Coles Notes" version to quickly bring you up to speed:

May I make an analogy of what I believe is going on here?  Do you remember the Bre-X Minerals scandal in the 1990's?  In that case, gold particles were sprinkled on drill cores to give the impression of much higher grade gold reserves than actually existed in the ground.  The fraud involved multiple people, many of whom were "scientific professionals".  Yet neither their scientific training nor their professional stature stopped them from carrying out a massive crime.

In the case of man-made global warming, with tens of millions, if not billions, of dollars hanging in the balance, how can you be so adamant that another fraud hasn't been carried out yet again?

Please note that I linked to the articles of Mr. Gunter and Mr. Goldstein for two reasons:
  1. They're both very well written.
  2. They would both make excellent guests for upcoming shows.


Robert W.
Vancouver, BC

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