Friday, November 06, 2009

Future Juxtaposition - A Thought Experiment

Nov 5, 2009: A crazed Muslim man hands out Korans in the morning and then later in the day kills 13 people and injures many more.  In the aftermath, many in the MSM are finding excuses for him and some are treating him like an abused victim.

Future Date: A crazed Christian man hands out Bibles in the morning and then later in the day kills and injures people.

How do you think the MSM would handle this story?


Robin said...

Is the Christian man a commissioned military officer of a Muslim nation currently at war overseas in Christian countries?

Pelalusa said...

"Robin", my posting was an accurate prediction of individuals in the media with a mindset similar to yours.

And you have the audacity to so easily dismiss the murder of 13 individuals, removing all responsibility from the deranged perpetrator?! Your lack of caring for those who died and their friends & families is beyond appalling.

Perhaps age (or extensive psychiatric help) will fill you with a teaspoon of empathy. I doubt it though. :-(

Skye said...

They kill Christians in muslim countries.

Robin.van.Perc said...

I'm of the opinion that since the 'deranged perpetrator' is a senior commissioned officer, something behind the scenes must have been happening for a bit of time now that has been winding him up until he finally snapped, and his devotion to a religion perceived to be the enemy's perhaps left him open to discrimination and abuse?

And Skye, there are Christian countries that kill Muslims too.