Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hidden Faces in Alberta

I just heard a fascinating story on CBC's As It Happens about a large"face" that appears on the plains of Alberta, east of Medicine Hat and just before the Saskatchewan border. I just had to check it out! You can view the face here. Some say it looks like the profile of an Aztec Indian wearing an iPod.

In Google Maps, zoom out twice and you'll see all kinds of other interesting formations in the vicinity. Being the inquisitive engineer that I am, I got to wondering if there were any other "faces" nearby. So I booted up a copy of "Google Earth" (think of it as Google Map's big brother) and started exploring. After a few minutes I found another face about 26km south of Aztec Man!! This one I think looks like Mother Nature blowing a strong wind. You can view it here.

Here are some screen captures I took from Google Earth:

This first one is the original face that was found and discussed on CBC Radio 1:

Here are some of the very interesting formations around this face. To the upper right I think I see some scorpions or lobsters!

And here is the face that I found. It's another profile though this one is facing to the right and "blowing" downward a tad. Click on the thumbnail and you'll see it much clearer.

Finally, here's a larger scale map, showing the location of both faces and their proximity to Medicine Hat. Might a new tourist industry be born here?!

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Hillary said...

Wow! That's really cool! The first face is especially impressive, though your finding otherformations is also up there on the list! Just what DO you do with your time, anyway? ;)

(joking, joking!)