Friday, October 27, 2006

Great Quotes from Mark Steyn

In the traditional media, if someone is to be interviewed then they're either invited into the radio or television studio or a news crew goes out to meet them. Either way, a lot of setup is required.

A new media is quickly evolving that bypasses all of this. My favourite writer, Mark Steyn, just engaged in a "bloggers conference call" with a dozen or so influential bloggers around the United States. You can listen to the very fascinating discussion here.

Steyn's new book, "America Alone", paints a very gloomy picture of the likely future in front of us. But when asked what best case scenarios we could expect if we collectively got our act together, he presented these two about Canada and the U.S.:

The best case scenario for Canada is that it decides to get real and rejoin the Anglosphere and stop pretending it's a member of the European Union that just happens to be on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

The best case for America is that we accept that in a 2 party system that's it's helpful to have 2 sane parties. And the Democratic Party decides that these outmoded European ideas are absolutely useless, that a very minimum it wants to take a Tony Blair line on national security. But at the same time it also wants to go more to self reliance and traditional notions of American liberty when it comes to domestic issues.

I smiled slyly when I heard him make the remark about Canada because he is bang on! So many Canadians are so smug about themselves and yet clearly oblivious to the reality of the world around them. Here in Canada, our health care system is falling apart and becoming increasing unaffordable yet these same Canadians want more of the same social programs. Little do they think of the future and what a huge burden their selfishness is imposing upon future generations to pay for.

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