Monday, June 26, 2006

What's Up With These Hi-Tech Earbud Users?

Being a developer of wireless mobile software, I'd consider myself on the leading edge of technology. But even I think the new generation of Star Trek inspired earphones takes the term "Super Dork" to the next level.

If asked, I'd assume these Uhura wannabes would tell you that they look cool. But at a deeper level, I wonder if there's a parallel with drugs. Drug addicts have trouble coping with reality and their daily fixes help them separate themselves from it. Perhaps these earbud users also have trouble dealing with reality and their new affixed technology provides them with a coping mechanism?

What I fear is the next step forward into Dorkiness will be visors that provide real-time video of somewhere else ... anywhere else!

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dgnyhk said...

The bluetooth light is quite annoying for people around you. I was at a bar one night and this uberdork had his on and it was gleaming in our general direction so I went over and asked if he was actually *on* the phone. When he said no, I asked him to turn the damn thing off. He turned bright red (I don't think this was the reaction he expected to elicit from women) and turned it off immediately.