Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A GREAT Day for BCDD!!!

One of my fellow volunteers at BC Digital Divide, Bob Rogers, did some amazing work today. He was instrumental in delivering 27 computers to 3 elementary schools and 1 high school in East Vancouver. I joined him when he was headed to the third school. This model of getting computers to the schools and then having them distribute them from there is a new idea we're trying out. Contrast it with our previous method: Groups of two heading out in cars, delivering 3 computers per 4 hour shift. On a weekend, we had four of these shifts scheduled. With two supply people, this meant 16 people involved to distribute 21 computers - not a very effective ratio! Ultimately, I think we always will need to deliver computers to those who otherwise couldn't pick one up, but the new model is a whole lot more productive one for us.

We also received a number of monitors from one of our corporate donors. On the way there we got stuck in a traffic jam caused by a bunch of truckers. They were apparently protesting fuel prices or possibly extended port hours as described here. What was so surreal was that many of them had covered up their company names with cheaply taped paper. It wasted the time (& fuel) of a great many people. And all for what?!

In any case, it was a small aberration on an otherwise spectacular day! And one other thing: Today's donations pushed BCDD well over the 100 computer system milestone! I know that doesn't sound like much in the big scheme of things, but making it happen has involved a lot of work by a lot of people.

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