Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Caledonia Blockade

I had been invited to appear on CHML radio to talk about the native blockade with host, Roy Green. But I was preempted by the Federal MP for the region, Diane Finley. I have many thoughts on the subject and some of them are these:

The modus operandi of most Canadian politicians over at least the past 15 years has been to govern by not making any decisions of importance. Paramount in this regard have been the much needed decisions to reform health care, the justice system, and the status of natives in Canada. But instead of standing up on principles and making decisions that stem from these principles, most politicians have chosen to do NOTHING. This has clearly been the safe political route but eventually such unresolved frustrations reach a tipping point and then all hell breaks loose. This is why there are natives blocking a road in rural Ontario.

The likely road ahead will almost certainly follow the familiar path of sporadic violence, ever increasing police and eventually military presence, arrests, and eventual removal of the blockade. Politicians will pat themselves on the back for resolving the problem. In point of fact, absolutely nothing will have been resolved, other than the confrontation timer being reset. Rest assured that it will start ticking again the very next day.

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