Saturday, January 02, 2010

Why Vancouver's DTES will Never Get Better

Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside (DTES) is indeed a disgrace. There's one section along Hastings thar looks like something out of a Zombie movie. The Leftards frequently blame the problems of this area on "failed capitalist policies" and "uncaring elites". That's like saying that the problems of Africa are the fault of the same. Nonsense!

The fact is that a well greased Poverty Industry has been created down there, with a reported $1 Million per day going to wages, etc. of all the "poverty agencies". There us so much money funnelled in there nowadays that there's now a major disincentive for things to ever get any better. A textbook example of your government at work. :-(

By the way, when the journalists of the world descend upon Vancouver next month, what percentage of them do you think will report upon this aforementioned disincentive?

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Anonymous said...

What %age of them will make it as far as the Downtown Eastside...?

I can just see the Sports correspondent from The NYTimes popping over to the Princeton for a pint with the boys.