Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Brain Trust at CKNW

I had no idea that if one is seeking great wisdom & insight about world events that one should forego the intelligence of the likes of Charles Krauthammer and instead tap into the significant world experience of Brett Mineer of CKNW News.  Who, you ask?  You idiot!  Brett Mineer knows all.  If you don't know that, rest assured, he'll make sure you find out ... PDQ!!

Here's the e-mail I sent to CKNW News:

On your newscasts today I keep hearing you airing a segment echoing the talking points of the Obama Administration.

To balance out the story somewhat, perhaps you could include some of what Charles Krauthammer has written on the subject:

That is, if you believe in reporting the news rather than just shaping it.

Here's the response I received 12 minutes later:
It’s not about shaping anything.

The reality is Cheney has taken to the airwaves repeatedly to say his piece on various networks, including doing the Sunday talk-show circuit last weekend…and it made news then.

This weekend the news is the Obama Administration’s counter-attack.

Cheney did not take to the airwaves today, National Security Advisor John Brennan did, thus it is in the news.

Charles Krauthammer is hardly a quotable newsmaker today – he is just one of many pundits not in any way involved in policy making who happens to have a column in WaPo…not unlike Michael Smyth in our very own Province Newspaper.

Just because you don’t like what Brennan is saying, doesn’t mean it is not news, or that we should suddenly devote time to any of the bobbleheads who already dominate the Sunday Beltway talk circuit.’

If Cheney had taken to the shows today – he’d be on too.
Thank you for listening.

Hope this clears things up.

Brett Mineer

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Harry said...

again thank you for sifting through the crap for a few nuggets that comes out of CKNW so i don't have too!