Friday, January 29, 2010

Grouse Mountain Helping out Volunteers and Athletes

I didn't become an Olympics volunteer to "get free stuff" but I must confess that I'm definitely going to take Grouse Mountain up on this very generous offer:

Incidentally, some on Facebook have been incorrectly stating that there are a limited number of passes available.  This is absolutely FALSE.  I called up and spoke with William Mbaho, the Manager of Public Relations & Communications at Grouse Mountain.  He is the definitive voice for providing correct & accurate information to the public & the media on behalf of Grouse Mountain.

Here's what he said on this matter:

ALL accredited volunteers and athletes are most welcome to claim their free After Hours Pass for Grouse Mountain at ANY time.  There is no limitation on the number of passes being given out and there is no "first come, first serve".  So people can come & get them whenever they want.

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