Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Message for Visiting Team 2010 Volunteers

I've quickly discovered that there are several fellow local volunteers who are as enthusiastic as I am to show off our magnificent city to the many volunteers who are coming in from elsewhere to help us out.

Among other things, this often transpires in two ways:

  1. Walking tours of attractions throughout Metro Vancouver.
  2. Eating!
For who better to show you around than enthusiastic locals who know the area, know the history, and know where the locals eat great food at affordable prices.

I'd like to leave this thread completely open-ended as a place for visiting volunteers to list places they'd like to see, cuisines they'd like to try, etc.  Here are 2 links that might give you some ideas:
Submit your wish lists, folks.  We're ready to oblige wherever we can!  It's just our small way of saying Welcome & Thank YOU!


Robert Werner
Angelle Desrochers-Rosners
Todd Hochban
& others . . .

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