Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Profound Change is Occurring Amongst Canada's Left

CBC News has long been a primary source of news & commentary for Canada's Left.  It frequently is the "go to" place to see wise & not so wise comments from those who traditionally vote for the Liberals, the NDP, and the Green Party.

It was thus more than a little surprising to see the support or lack thereof of comments surrounding the story of the attempted murder of the 75 year old Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard.  Unless there has suddenly been a huge influx of conservative readers at CBC News, which I highly doubt, it appears that even the Left in Canada are getting fed up with the violence coming from Muslim Extremists these days.

Here are some examples, along with their ratings (which anyone is allowed to do) :

"Is Islam a violent religion? Until I see a sustained peace movement coming from within the global Muslim community, my suspicion is that there is more than a kernel of truth to this assertion...." 
Agree: 282
Disagree: 8

"The time has come to teach Muslim society about free speech!"
Agree: 220
Disagree: 10

"But, but, but,,, I thought Islam was a religion of peace. Oh that's right it was spread by the sword, they still kill you if you leave the religion. Wake up people it's only getting worse. By the way, good shooting officers."
Agree: 173
Disagree: 10

"Depicting Muhammed is forbidden in Islam. Insulting someone's faith is not a good thing. Insulting the faith of more than 1 billion resulted in a Fatwa against Westergaard...."
Agree: 34
Disagree: 120

"I'm sure now this cartoonist can appreciate that pissing off 22% of the world's population, really isn't so funny after-all."
Agree: 11
Disagree: 209

A famous song from Buffalo Springfield begins as follows:

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear

Something important is indeed happening here in Canada! I believe what's going on is that our Leftie brothers & sisters are FINALLY understanding that THEIR freedoms are now at stake. Sure, the ultra-PC crowd will always side with suppression of free speech and the hard core Muslims will join them on this issue, but other than that they have no support.

Not a bad sign for the start of the New Year.  Though I fear that a LOT more Muslim Extremist violence is planned by the usual suspects this year.  If/when that occurs, the aforementioned numbers will be even more pronounced, not less.

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