Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How Many Liberals Does It Take to Make Fools of Themselves?

According to the members of this Facebook group, a HUGE number of Canadians are "outraged" at PM Stephen Harper proroguing Parliament until the Olympics is over:

And surprise, surprise, the MSM arm of the Liberal Party of Canada (aka The Toronto Star) is doing its best to stir up the flames of discontent.

Looking back at the Facebook group, it's interesting to examine the many photos that have been uploaded by supposedly "independent, concerned Canadians".  Not surprisingly, many of these images look very similar to those involved in the recent Liberal Party of Canada cartoon fiasco.

Charles Adler covers this entire story in depth here and here. Well worth a listen!

Update: Christopher White, the creator of the Facebook group, has suddenly hidden all the Images uploaded there, most of which would fit well underneath the title of "We Hate Harper". Unfortunately for Mr. White, most of the comments on there express exactly the same thing! Maybe he should seize this "grassroots support" and start a new political party entitled the "Hate Harper Federal Progressive Party"!!!

Update 2: Matt Gurney provides an update of what's happening at the Hate Harper Facebook group.

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