Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Air Travel: To Profile or Not to Profile

I believe we're in the early days of a new debate in Canada that essentially comes down to this example: "Should a 78 year old grandmother be given the same level of scrutiny as a 25 year old Arab-looking man?"

Our airport screeners say 'Yes'.  Many of the folks on the left side of the political spectrum say 'Yes'.  But a growing number of Canadians, especially those frequently inconvenienced by huge airport delays, are beginning to question whether this makes any sense.

It's a complicated issue.  I have several Muslim friends who fit the physical profile that might be screened for more carefully.  They're absolutely innocent but would be singled out more frequently if the policy were changed.  Know clearly & absolutely that I would feel bad for them.

But still, I think this issue needs to be discussed openly and not just swept under the rug of Political Correctness.

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Anonymous said...

Do you really want to trust your safety to the government?