Friday, January 28, 2011

The Turmoil in Egypt

This video vividly reminds us in the West of how lucky we are to have been born when & where we have:

Who knows what one's to make of this turmoil. One thing's for sure though, riotous mobs don't tend to possess a great amount of collective wisdom.

I know people in Egypt and they would like nothing more than for their nation to evolve into a peaceful Western-like democracy. But there's legitimate fear that Egypt will devolve into an Iran-like theocracy/thugocracy.

I suspect what's going on in the background is that the CIA and Iran's equivalent are fighting things out, trying to position their chess pieces best for what happens next.

This is History, occurring right in front of our eyes.

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Sprinkle said...

Good to know people in the west are watching/aware!