Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hate Continues :-(

Even though it's now 48 hours later, it's clear that many have not learned a thing from the terrible tragedy in Tucson.  In point of fact, these ideologues are incapable of learning anything.  Why?  Because feelings of H-A-T-E towards conservatives flows through their brains just like blood flows through their veins.

Let's be perfectly clear about something: If the police find & release documents recovered from the alleged murderer's home that show he is a member of the Communist Party, the Democrat Party, & the Humanist Party, as well as a hit-list with Sarah Palin in the #2 slot and endless hate-laden pages from the Daily Kos attacking Giffords and other pro-gun female politicians, not a thing will change in the minds of these same dreadful people.  They will find a way to spin things to support their truly sick and disturbing world view. :-(

P.S. Lest we forget.

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