Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brilliant Business Idea!

A buddy in Seattle just sent me this photo, taken last year, of me giving his dog a good belly scratch:

While looking at it I suddenly had a brilliant business idea: A Canine Reiki Clinic! I know not a thing about Reiki but, being in Vancouver, I have little doubt that I could find an endless stream of mindless yuppies with more money than brains.  In no time flat they would pay for that Porsche I've always dreamed about!

A quick search just revealed that my expansion plans to Portland, Oregon may be limited.  :-(


Anonymous said...

I can see that 911 GT2 with the "Pela Reik" license plate parked in front of the $6. / a coffee cafe now....
She's (it is a "she" isn't it?) practically giving the massages away @ $60/hour. This will be adjusted for the Van City market.

Robert W. said...

LOL Marc, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd tighten this link up, but I've failed at all efforts to do so... apologys, and note the funniness is all over the map.

and, an excellent guest blogger appearance by you at SDA.