Sunday, October 24, 2010

In Support of Capitalism

Here are some brilliant words from a female professor in Ontario:

I fully agree with the facts that capitalism is focused on the individual, and that less government spending enables a stronger economy.

An economy is always generated by its population. Government, after all, is nutritionally, which is to say, actually parasitic on that population. Without the money generated by private enterprise, government cannot tax that money away. All that a robust and valid government ought to do with that money is use it to provide common services such as water and waste management, roads and transportation, defense and immigration and a common currency.

The rest must remain in private ownership and decision-making.That is, government has no right to promote identity-economics or fund special interest industries..such as Bombardier, the CBC, multicultural groups, ...
Private enterprise HAS to be productive or it goes out of business. The Welfare State Government supports the unproductive and thus, lowers the economic robustness of the nation.

And yes, the socialist ideology, based on the mysticism of Hegel, Marx and the rest of that armchair gang, is indeed naive and utopian. What is interesting is that, in their rejection of reality, they reject differences. In their utopian world, all will be reduced to one mold, one template.

The fact that such a reduction to one type of energy processing is the final step before the catastrophic dissipation of energy (the backwards motion to the Big Bang)never occurs to these ignorant armchair theorists.

But a complex system is such, because it is made up of subsystems that are made up of and process... many different amounts of energy. The capitalist system is the only system that enables a middle class - and the middle class is, by definition, diverse and processes different amounts of energy.

Societies are complex adaptive system, and must function as such - which means - a diversity of energy use and production. But the armchair utopians simply don't get this fact.

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