Friday, October 15, 2010

How to Close Apps on an iPhone

On an iPhone, you load applications into active memory the first time you run them.  When you switch to another app the previous one remains in active memory.  There's no real problem with this except that I've noticed recently that my iPhone is consuming battery power at a ferocious rate and seems very sluggish in terms of response time.

I just learned of a neat trick I wasn't aware of from the folks at  To selectively close apps all you need to do is this:

- Press the round "Home" button twice.
- The screen will change, showing you the loaded apps
- Press & hold any of these icons until a red icon appears on each
- Press the icon on every app that you want closed

That's it!  I have yet to try this fully but will periodically give it a go to see if things improve.

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