Friday, July 30, 2010

A Salute to Hirsi Ali

On the same day, two completely different blogs I read posted two different videos of Hirsi Ali, the very brave Somali woman who is speaking out against the terrible aspects of Islam as well as the Left's de facto support of the religion's horrific practices.

Here's the first video I learned of from a Saskatchewan blogger named Louise. She provided some interesting insight into the mindset of the interviewer, Jian Ghomeshi: "... a Muslim by birth, a Canadian by birth, an Iranian by ancestry. He's as quintessentially Canadian as they come. Perhaps the most influential force in his life, as evidenced by his radio and TV roles, may be the Torontonians' uber-liberal apologist mindset that makes him a natural for the CBC. As usual, Hirsi Ali is brilliant and handles his asinine questions with finesse. Around the 40 minute mark I'd be more inclined to loose my cool and start shouting at him, if I hadn't done already, but Hirsi Ali adeptly, calmly skewers him."

A good follow-up is this pair of videos from an interview in Australia, which I learned of from Amy Alkon:

What Hirsi Ali is saying is of course true for anyone with any semblance of Common Sense. But her views are diametrically opposed to the Left's "great" narrative that all cultures are absolutely equal. But dare question why cultures that support honour killing and female genital mutilation are equal to ours and you are deemed a bigot by the Left.

Which, by the way, raises an interesting side point: I fully agree with Dennis Prager's theory that most people who identify themselves to be "on the Left" or "liberals" actually are NOT. For if you were to discuss individual issues like this one with them, they would adamantly disagree with the official Leftist position.

Therefore, what percentage of our population are actually truly Leftists? If it's more than 2 - 3% I'd be shocked. Will historians 100 Years from now look back and wonder how such a tiny minority of the population was able to seize control of the reins of power (political, academic, media) and steer it in such a destructive direction?

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