Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Canadians, Here's What the Federal Liberal Party Thinks of You

This is actually a mock poll created by the Liberal Party of Canada purportedly to show what a future poll from Stephen Harper's party would entail.  In truth though, it clearly reveals the disdain that Liberals have for Canadians who aren't in lockstep with them.  If you haven't voted for the Liberals in some time then realize that the next time you speak with one of their representatives that they think the following of you:

  1. You are not capable of independent thought.
  2. If you don't watch the CBC then you are a lesser Canadian.
  3. You probably don't own any books and likely haven't read one in some time.
  4. If you've ever voted for Stephen Harper then you view him as a King (ie. "dictator").
  5. If you dare to question the Climate Change fear mongering perpetrated by Stephane Dion, David Suzuki, Al Gore, Michael Mann, and a host of others then you are an idiot and a "denier" (akin to a Holocaust Denier).
  6. You are a misogynist.
  7. Any questions you have about how governments spend your money shows you to be an unloyal Canadian.

Make no mistake, that's the how "brain trust" in the Liberal Party of Canada (and their comrades in the mainstream media) view you if you don't support them.  Please remember that the next time you're heading into a Canadian Federal Election.

hat tip Louise

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