Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Disaster that is California

L.A. columnist Amy Alkon has an interesting item on her blog.  While the Titanic that is the California economy is headed right toward a big iceberg, the politicians there seem obsessed with rearranging the deck chairs.

Here's the comment I left:

Amy, do you recall the old adage, "We deserve the politicians we elect" ?

With yourself as a big exception, who is it that's responsible for those "Elected Morons"?

California is a bellwether state that all intelligent people concerned about their future should closely watch. The recent polls don't give me much optimism. Please tell me why Jerry Brown is remotely close, yet alone ahead?!

In my work with BC Digital Divide, I've come across a large spectrum of people. One of them was a recovered heroin addict named Bonnie. Talking with her at lunch one day, I learned that she used to live in my neighborhood, albeit inside cardboard boxes beside dumpsters. I eventually asked her the most important question of all: "What was it that eventually prompted you to break your addiction and get off drugs?"

Her answer was simple & succinct: "I eventually hit rock bottom. Up until then I had not. But once I did, the path upward was clear & obvious."

Such, I believe, is the same with those Californians who are supporting the absolutely failed policies of Jerry Brown and all that he represents. They have not hit rock bottom yet and need to suffer even more economic pain to reach bottom. For they are no different than a drug addict in that they're addicted to entitlements and a strong sense that a big government knows best. They don't and it doesn't. Period.

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Anonymous said...

California, Illinois, New York . . . the list goes on of States on the verge of economic disaster.

"Me & my entitlements" . . what a way to run a state.