Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Few Thoughts About Religion vs. Atheism

I recently observed an online argument about the age-old question of whether God exists. I never get involved in such "debates" any more for one simple reason: It's pointless!

The Atheism vs. Religion debate is because it has heretofore been impossible to DEFINITELY PROVE one's beliefs either way.

With that said, I fully respect every religious person's view, as long as their religion is not forcefully violating other people's human rights. (Note: I rarely use those last two words without quotes but it's most appropriate here.)

I have no respect for Atheism for one simple reason: The belief system is completely flawed by one simple question - "If there is no higher power out there then how did we get everything we see around us today?"  The instant response to this most of the time is, "The Big Bang".  But that's insufficient, for what existed before this grand event?  It all comes down to the simple fact that you can't get matter and/or energy from nothing.  But yet we all exist.  So there's clearly something more going on that none of us are capable of understanding.  The fact that atheists refuse to deal with this salient point not only illustrates their lack of intellectual curiosity but also completely disqualifies their belief system.

As for me, I was raised as a Roman Catholic but long ago fell away from the church.  I fully respect and appreciate the beliefs of my many Christian friends but I have to be true to myself.  And in my heart & in my head I can't honestly say that I'm convinced that God is an older gentleman with a white beard, that we only have one life on Earth, and that after this life we either go to Heaven or Hell.  God Bless those who truly believe all of this - and they may very well be 100% correct - but it just doesn't sit quite right with me at this juncture in my life.

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