Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Good Thing About Christy Clark's Leadership Bid

Christy Clark and her husband, Mark Marissen, are currently strategizing whether she will run to try to become the head of the Liberal Party of BC and therefore the new Premier of the province.  If she wins then sometime after we'll have an election featuring Clark running against the NDP's fearless leader, Carole James.  Yuck!

It's long been said that a people deserve the politicians they get.  This clearly appears to be the case with British Columbia.  Of the 4.5 Million people in this province, is the very best we have available a contest between Clark and James?  You've got to be kidding me!

I do wonder what other Right and Centre-Right voters like me will do if faced with these two choices.  Goodness knows I'll never vote for the NDP, as a vote for them is a guarantee that the province will be an economic disaster within 4 years.  But I don't know if there's a clothespin large enough to plug the stench of voting for a party run by Clark.  Perhaps I'll just "conveniently" find myself traveling somewhere outside of the province come election day. :-(

The only bright note is that if Clark soon leaves CKNW then I might be able to start listening in the afternoons again.  Now only if Bill Good would opt for retirement before the year's up then a real Christmas present will be given to all Vancouverites!

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