Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More of the Same from the Close-Minded Left

Gotta love Leftists like Alicia Menendez - self-righteous and closed-minded to the core, with the underlying narrative, "You can only think the way I do or else you're stupid and/or evil." When will this nonsense stop coming out of the mouths of "progressives"? Note: The "P" word is in quotes to show my absolute mockery of the term, as used by the Left!!


Anonymous said...

Here's a little something regarding this video clip, and what the Cuban community in south Florida think of her. Like some of the commenter's there, I wonder where her "Che" T-shirt is.

Robert W. said...

Thanks for that, Marc! It just confirms what I already suspected. Señorita Menendez simply the Spanish speaking version of Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. She's a race baiter, plain & simple.

I am SICK & TIRED of anyone saying that all members of a given group must think & vote a certain way. Such nonsense is so old & so lame. Long ago it should have been taken out to pasture and buried.

Robert W. said...

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