Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Hypocrisy of "Progressives"

A "progressive" I know from Facebook posted this on his page:

Comments and Jokes that ridicule those of a specific race, sexual orientation, gender, age, weight, etc. are hurtful and we should refuse to tolerate them. Not only jokes, but language can be used to single out groups, repress them, and discriminate. Be aware of how language and jokes can hurt, and just say no to intolerance!

To test the sincerity of his words I posted this comment:

Just wondering if these same rules of calling out intolerance also apply to:

  1. White males
  2. Conservatives
  3. Christians
  4. Americans
If so, can I get your promise that you will publicly call out all such examples of intolerance that I bring to your attention?

Minutes later he deleted my comment and wrote this:

Sorry, I have young teens on this fb page... cheers

In my experience, this is so incredibly typical of most folks on the Left I've ever met. It's identical in nature to their views of Free Speech. When a "progressive" says, "I support Free Speech", what 99.9% of the ones I've encountered actually mean is: "I support speech that I agree with."

How can one engage in honest dialogue with someone so deeply rooted in such hypocrisy?

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