Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Karl Rove: A Typical Big Government Republican :-(

Karl Rove is indicative of Big Government Republicans who are solely focused on "winning", no matter who their candidates are. In the particular case of Mike Castle, he was essentially a Democrat who happened to be nominated by a clearly corrupt Delaware Republican committee. What on earth is the purpose of spending the time, money, & energy to send something like him to Washington?

Without a doubt, Christine O'Donnell has a tough fight ahead of her. After all, she's running in what is a very blue state. But isn't it long overdue to actually have two political parties in the United States of America that stand for for very different things ... rather than just two that represent Far Left and Moderately Left?!?


Heather said...

O'Donnell may have won the Republican nomination, but she hasn't won the race. She'd better watch who she ticks off!!!

Robert W. said...

Heather, Delaware is indeed a blue Democrat-friendly state and she has a tough fight ahead of her. But please do give me one credible reason why it's better to throw away one's values & principles and elect a RINO into power. Why would one spend the time, energy, & money to elect someone who consistently votes against one's interests? Just because they have an "R" after their name?!?