Friday, September 17, 2010

Castling Out the RINOs

Andrea Tantaros has written a very interesting column.

The despicable behavior of the Republican Party establishment in Delaware, and then Karl Rove's follow-up ad hominen attacks, illustrated just how entrenched the stench is amongst the elitists of  the GOP.  The members of the Tea Party aren't going to support it any more.  For starters, they're speaking with their wallets.  In just over 3 days since her victory, Christine O'Donnell has received well over $1.5 Million in donations.  They're also speaking with their feet.  Every single poll indicates a massive defeat of the Democrats and the Obama agenda on November 2nd.

Where things will really get interesting though is in 2011.  I fully expect the "same old, same old" crowd of the GOP - ie. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, et al - will continue on as if nothing has changed, as if no Tea Party exists.  But the Tea Party will "Castle them out" just like occurred this past Tuesday.

As has always been the case, most people can't recognize when they're in the middle of a key moment in history.  But more than sufficient numbers of Americans have been pushed too far by a cabal of elitists on the Far Left of the political spectrum who are absolutely deaf when it comes to any dissenting opinions.  Not only is this group trying to fundamentally change America into what more closely resembles a European socialist welfare state, but they are unequivocally bankrupting it in the long term (monstrous debt) and the shorter term (extremely high unemployment). 

After January 2008, when the fog of the rhetoric began to fade and the reality became crystal clear, average Americans naturally expected the political leaders on the opposite side of the aisle to fight against these unwanted changes.  In some cases they did but too often (Castle, Murkowski, etc.) they did not.  It became painfully obvious that these allegedly Republican politicians were nothing more than Democrat-lites, more interested in enjoying the perks of Washington, DC than striving to do anything remotely close to why their supporters sent them there.  So the people rose up and tossed the RINOs out.

From the beginning, the Propaganda Wing of the Democrat Party (aka the liberal Mainstream Media) told us that the Tea Partiers were an insignificant joke, that Rand Paul and Sharon Angle and Marco Rubio and Christine O'Donnell were mentally deranged and incapable of getting elected by "mainstream" Americans.  They also told us that such politicians and all Tea Party members were: Racists, Sexists, Bigots, Haters, Xenophobic, Homophobic, and Islamaphobic. In times past this was an effective way to silence all dissent.  But the stakes are too high now and all Americans know this.  So the Tea Party movement will continue to grow & get stronger.

There likely won't be a definitive singular civil war-like event within the Republican Party.  Instead the RINOs will be removed one by one, in much the same way that one pops the individual bubbles in a sheet of plastic bubble wrap.  This will then set the stage in 2012 for a true choice between the policies of the Left and the policies of the Right.  Notice that I quite deliberately didn't use the word "debate".  One thing the current crop of Democrats don't do is debate.  They besmirch & demonize & personally attack those that disagree with them, but they don't let the facts of issues be put on the table and honestly debated.

How will things turn out?  I have great faith in the collective wisdom of the American people but only time will tell whether America finds its soul again or whether it follows the same route as Ancient Rome, with a bankrupt social welfare state a mere signpost on the way down.

Mark Levin shares his thoughts here:

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