Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Olympic Rentals: Greed or Genius?

A colleague is thinking of renting out his condo in February.  To help determine a fair price, he did a little research.  Here's the e-mail he sent me (language warning) :

Just poked around Craigslist. There seems to be some crazy priced places on there. I saw one shit hole near the Joyce Skytrain for $35K/month and then

And then I saw this really shit place in Deep Cove, waterfront, for $15K

My mom needs a place to put a few of her employees so I'll make sure they're taken care of first and then I might follow up with you. Based on the latest research, $2000 seems ambitious but we'll see.

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Raphael Alexander said...

In Burnaby? Joyce where the muggers hang out Skytrain station? What despicable pathetic greedy lowlifes. That 2-bedroom at Joyce probably goes for $950 a month as is.