Monday, January 11, 2010

Canada's Rabid Left: So Much Hate, So Little Time

Have you looked at the Hate Harper Facebook group recently? Many of the comments look like they've come right out of the Liberal Party of Canada playbook. From this group I've "learned" that:

  • Stephen Harper is a domestic terrorist, a modern day Hitler, a pre-1989 dictator, a goof, an American wannabe, and doesn't care about the Canadian soldiers who have died in Afghanistan
  • Many are ashamed that Harper is a Canadian
  • The Tories are an Evil, Demonic political party who only promote hatred
  • No one who has voted for the Tories in the past is intelligent enough to say anything without a script
  • MichaĆ«lle Jean is a flunky, currying favour

So much hate for each of the group members to get out, yet so little time!

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