Friday, January 08, 2010

Amy Alkon's Experience at Toronto's Pearson Airport

Amy Alkon, author of I See Rude People, recently had a TV appearance in Toronto.  On her way back home to Los Angeles, her experience was less than positive:

Before I left LA, I called the airline to find out what the restrictions would be for flying to and from Canada, in the wake of the Panty Bomber. Could I bring my travel bag, which is just big enough to hold my purse, neck pillow, and warm socks for the plane, and could I bring my laptop bag? No problem, I was told. And it was no problem on my flight from O'Hare to Toronto.

However, when I got to the airport in Toronto to catch my flight back to LA, I heard an announcement that passengers could only take only a small purse on the plane (12 inches or less), and a laptop or small personal item.

I was furious. Thank you, Islam! I flashed on "the Verse of the Sword," commanding Muslims to convert or kill "the infidel," and then to my car ride to my hotel the day before. 

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