Sunday, July 12, 2009

Driving Journey: Day 4: The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is in my Top 3 list of most beautiful places in North America. For the first time ever, I drove it from south to north. As you'll see in the photos below, the weather was great at the start, but as I headed north it got increasingly colder and foggier. This is why I turned off soon after Lincoln City. Still a wonderful place to be though!

Here's the Pacific Reef Motel in Gold Beach.

I almost stepped on this little guy but thankfully avoided him.
About 5 miles north of Gold Beach I came across this beautiful vista.

So much of the Oregon Coast drive is full of surprises. Around Highway Marker Mile 315 I came across a pull-off and captured this vista looking south.

Looking northwest from the same location.

I then walked around a little hill and captured this shot looking north.
Not a bad place to live, eh?! I would LOVE to meet with the people who live here!

Quite a bit further north, in Florence, I quickly captured this building. Being much taller than any other building along the Coast, I've always been fascinated by its origins.

I didn't go on the official Sea Lion Caves tour but did stop to see these curious creatures.

You can now see how foggy it had become.

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