Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Driving Journey: Day 2: Klamath Falls

By the time I reached Klamath Falls, it wasn't really that late but I was absolutely beat. Perhaps it had just been awhile since I had done such a driving trip or perhaps I'm just getting old!

I checked into the Shilo Inn, which I had booked on while still in Bend.

The people working there were super friendly and I got a nice room with much more space than I needed.
The lake was a bit far away but still a nice vista (minus the highway in between).
I was hankering for some good Mexican food and a quick check on was a recommendation for Sergio's.

It turned out to be an excellent choice as the food was delicious!Klamath Falls is a small town of just 20,000, about 18 miles north of California. The downtown core revealed that it had clearly seen better times.
But I try to find beauty in all things and there were indeed some nice vistas abound.

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