Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Example Why Vancouver's Youth Are So Messed Up

In the wake of the June 15th riots in Vancouver, many people are searching for answers as why so many teenagers and 20-somethings acted in the horrific ways they did, destroying property and looting, often with wide grins on their faces.  The term "entitlement mentality" has been thrown around quite a bit and there's a lot of truth to that.  But who did they learn this from?

I offer you a small glimpse into the Selfish, Arrogant, Uncaring Teachers of Today's Entitlement Mentality:

While peacefully working at home Sunday evening I heard a loud, irritating scraping sound coming down my back lane.  It sounded like King Kong dragging a gigantic dinosaur bone down the middle of the lane!  I looked out to see a middle-aged Yuppie couple dragging a sofa, or the remnants of a sofa.  And then lo and behold I saw where they were dragging it to: someone else had dumped two mattresses in the back lane so this pair of Yuppified criminals thought nothing wrong with adding to the pile!!!  They kept on looking around to see if anyone was watching but never saw me.

I immediately snapped these photos:

Then I went outside and confronted this pair of cretins.  I said the following to them: "I don't want to get in a verbal fight with you two but where in the hell did you come up with the notion of dumping your garbage behind the homes of everyone around here and think there was nothing wrong with that?!?"

To this I received the nastiest glare in many decades. No apology though. No "I'm sorry". After around 5 seconds the "gun moll" of the Trash Dumping Gang uttered the following, in the most whiny, condescending voice: "Thank youuuuuuu. Thank YOUUUUUU."

I turned around and went back inside. Did they head back towards their home? Nope. They continued in the same direction they were heading before, clearly to find another place to ILLEGALLY DUMP THEIR GARBAGE, forcing an eyesore on someone else and causing others to pay for its removal:

If you've ever wondered who has the arrogance and disregard to do this and this and this you might want to consider the "upstanding fine citizens" next door.  Do you think such Bonnie & Clydes ever talk about such transgressions at their cocktail parties or Greenpeace rallies or Prius car club meets?  I doubt it.

I'm not remotely suggesting that what went on here is on the same level as the criminal acts during the Vancouver Riots but a similar psychopathy appears to be at work, namely: "If we can get away with an illegal, immoral action and not get caught, then it's all fine."  Incidentally, this mindset is a close cousin to the excuse many criminals use to justify stealing from others: "What's the big deal?  They have insurance."

Anyone witnessing illegal dumping in Vancouver should write or call 604-871-6544.

Coincidentally, it was just a few months ago that David Berner featured this interview:

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