Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Non-Fans Disgrace Vancouver

From friends' cel phone cameras:

I was born & raised in Vancouver and have lived back here for the past decade.  What I'm seeing downtown is breaking my heart.  But let's be clear about a few things:
  1. The vast majority of Vancouverites are DISGUSTED by what they're seeing.
  2. The violence is being perpetrated by a few hundred people, with a few thousand more cheering them on.  THESE individuals are indeed the DREGS of my city.  But they don't constitute the majority.
  3. Any hint that these PATHETIC JERKS are "fans" is false.  Fans don't burn cars.  Fans don't fight the police.  Fans don't bring Molotov Cocktails with them.
Some sad predictions for the near future:
  1. The police will be blamed for this within a few days.
  2. Little to nothing will be done to the perpetrators, no matter how much evidence the police have against them.
I have to wonder if the culture of unaccountability in Vancouver and British Columbia has given the morons destroying downtown a sense of invincibility?!

I'm both sad and livid.

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Anonymous said...

Shoot the bastards on sight...!