Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Hypocrisy of the Clueless

Recently a woman I know in the U.S. joined this Facebook group: 1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling

So I asked her a simple question: "If you're against offshore drilling then where do you approve of getting your oil from?"

It took her awhile but she finally responded.  Just one word: "Nowhere!"

Here's how I responded to her:

Hypocrisy appalls me.  You need to walk your talk before you can give such an answer.  That means:
 1. No more driving ... ever
 2. No more flying ... ever
 3. Paying MUCH higher prices of ALL your products
 4. Getting rid of ALL your plastics including all your computer equipment

Are you prepared to do ANY of these?!?  I think not.

Your hypocrisy appalls me.

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Anonymous said...

Do she wear make-up?