Monday, June 03, 2013

Behind Vancouver's Special "Painted Ladies"

On June 1st I was giving an impromptu walking tour of one of my favourite streets in Vancouver: The 100 Block West 10th Avenue. This is the home of the city's famous "Painted Ladies" - beautifully restored old wooden houses. We happened upon none other than Mr. John Davis, who was one of the two sons of the famous Davis family that started the restoration of the first 4 houses on this block. Eventually their efforts encouraged others in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood to do the same. And, as I understand it, lead to the City of Vancouver declaring the entire area between Cambie & Main and Broadway (9th Ave.) & 16th Avenue as a heritage zone. Well, lo and behold, John encouraged us all to go in behind the houses! I had never been back there before so it was a real treat. Equally so for my visitors from Brooklyn, Helsinki, Germany, and Holland.

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