Tuesday, December 07, 2010

John Furlong: My Choice for Canada's 2010 Nation Builder

The Globe and Mail is looking for nominations Nation Builder of the year.  You can review the current nominations here.

You can cast your vote by sending an e-mail to: nationbuilder@globeandmail.com

Here's what I just wrote them:

I would like to nominate VANOC CEO John Furlong as Canada's Nation Builder of 2010.  As one of the 25,000 proud & energetic Olympic volunteers in Vancouver, I can say from a first-hand perspective how incredibly inspired it was to have such a great leader as Mr. Furlong.  Though his birthplace was in another country, he so clearly exemplifies the very best that makes one a Canadian: hard work, modesty, and a sense of humour.  John Furlong is a great and honourable Canadian and very much deserves to be declared as Canada's Nation Builder for 2010!

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